Monday, July 10, 2017

Mother Ayahuasca Is Calling Me

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As I enter the sacred communion of ayahuasca, I feel the energy gather around me. The bitter brew, the purging force, the sacred geometry revealing its glory, the introspection, the healing shaman guide all await me as I commit myself to the psychoactive embrace of this ancient jungle nectar.

My spirit anticipates the psychedelic adventure that lays before me and flickers with the shimmering starlight. My companions are visibly nervous and our minds are dancing with visions of what they might find on their journey for the evening. The shaman approaches us one by one with the concoction he has poured his spirit into. We gather the cups prepared for us to our lips; and with that gesture at once we have began a journey that bonds us through the plants' mystic energy.

The breeze shifts as the moonlight dances through the leaf-covered branches onto the inviting soil beneath. The jungle knows what the night has in store for us. It whispers about the adventure that lies before the wide-eyed group assembled in the comfort of the dense foliage.

I feel the stirring in the depths of my bowels and with a heave I purge the old self with all of its toxins. Born anew with fresh eyes to see the world I welcome the visions that ensue. I enter the spirit ether, the plain beyond. Breathing love into my mind, I'm a world within worlds. I decipher the architectural language of nature that reveals itself with my heart.

The scenery shifts and swims around me like a tapestry of darkness, light, reality, and illusion. The logos...the logos dance around my mind. What do they mean? What are they saying? Tell me my shaman companion. Here I am at the threshold of heaven and the gate of the abyss. With a shout I cry out with all of my vibration to the universe.

And sky opens with the stars all watching. I can feel my soul search for reasoning deep through the lights. Then the wind blows with a whisper and echoes through my thoughts, "You are with me. You are always with me."

"Ayahuasca, you have lead me to the truth. Ayahuasca you have healed me. Mother ayahuasca I thank you for changing my life."

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